• The Atlantic Monthly

    DOIN' THE CHAMELEON, an article about the pianist Dick Hyman.

  • The American Scholar Magazine

  • THE DAILY MIRACLE, a memoir of the early glory days of the New York Herald Tribune, a legendary family of journalistic mavericks and oddballs.

  • HOW TO WRITE A MEMOIR, a short course on how to write your family history and your own memoir.

  • JOURNEYS WITH JOSEPH MITCHELL, a critical essay on the influential American writer that considers the mystery of why he stopped writing.

  • MY STARDUST MEMORIES, a recollection of being an extra on Woody Allen's train of ugly people.

  • TRISTES TROPIQUE, the screenwriter Ernest Lehman, adrift in Tahiti after being fired from the set of "Sweet Smell of Success". 

  • VISIONS AND REVISIONS, a reconstruction of how William Zinsser wrote his classic book On Writing Well and revised it in successive editions.

  • WRITING ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE, a talk to incoming foreign students at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism.

  • Smithsonian Magazine

  • TWO MEN AND A PORTRAIT, how the author's portrait was painted by the American portrait artist Thomas Buechner.

  • Yale Alumni Magazine

  • FIRST USE PLAIN ENGLISH, the author of On Writing Well recalls how he taught Yale students to cut through the clutter.


EULOGY FOR WILLIAM ZINSSER, a eulogy for William Zinsser delivered by Mark Singer on May 22, 2015 at St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church, New York City.